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Data Analysis and Data Science

Businesswoman with Mask

Price $3500

We live in the age of Data everywhere, from our interactions with web-based applications, ecommerce, social media and now Internet of Things (IOT). The rate at which data is generated is and continues to grow exponentially. With more data, comes the need for businesses to analyze the data being generated by their information systems in order to gain insight and business intelligence. The Data Analyst track at STACK IT Training is designed to give you the skills being sort out by today’s businesses. The program leverages key principles of business analysis and takes it further by showing you how to generate insight for businesses from the data being captured in their Information Systems. You learn skills like SQL, Excel Analytics while using tools like Microsoft SQL Server. Powerful visualization of your data sets with Tableau & Power BI to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to turn data into information. Top it off with a helping of Python to wrangle data programmatically and prepare it for analysis.

Duration- 12 Weeks
Start Date- July 6th 2024
Payment Option- Available
Instruction Method: Live Class
Class Schedule: Saturdays, 11am-3pm EST
Class Schedule: Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm EST
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