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Over 21 years of combined training & consulting experience


Our main goal is to develop our students so they learn new technologies and skillsets that support organizational growth. Its why more than 500 organizations around the world and counting have hired our students or trusted Stack IT Solutions to develop critical knowledge, skill, and abilities in hundreds of their staff.

The ever changing nature of technology and business today requires a learning approach that fits the needs of individuals and organizations. The Stack IT ecosystem helps to reflect this need. Within this ecosystem, students in one discipline are able to work with students from other disciplines to get real life experience. In this ecosystem, they get to experience the rigors of a real life IT project, thereby preparing for real life scenarios, problems, and learning how to find answers to those problems. Integrating a team of well trained IT instructors, resources, and proprietary partner content, Stack IT Training delivers customer learning to individual students and global organizations no matter where their workforce is located to drive results.

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