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AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer


Price $6500

Duration- 12 Weeks
Start Date- To Be Announced
Payment Option- Available
Instruction Method: Live Class
Class Schedule: To Be Announced
Class Schedule: To Be Announced

DevOps is a popular methodology that allows companies to continually update their company procedures to integrate improvements and industry best practices. A DevOps engineer acts as a liaison between the various departments that contribute to software maintenance and creation with the purpose of making faster updates and writing code that is easy to update and access. DevOps engineers manage the operations of software development, implementing engineering tools and knowledge of the software development process to streamline software updates and creation. They are usually senior-level technology professionals who lead and coordinate different teams that create or use company software. They oversee code updates and may take on different roles as they help colleagues design, develop, test and release software to consumers. DevOps engineers have a strong understanding of the agile methodology and industry standards alongside the specific networks and processes within their company.

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