Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few frequently asked questions about our training programs. Please call us or drop a note on our contact page if you need an answer to a question outside of the FAQs. Thanks!

 01  How long is the Oracle Database Administration Program?

Our Oracle Database Administration program is a twenty week (5 Months) long program. The reason why this is the case is that it gives our students time to learn the intricacies of being a DBA. Our students go on call, the are loaded with projects throughout the class, they use real life tools to respond to tickets etc. This is the best way to get about 5 years of experience in 5 months!




 02  Is the Oracle DBA Program taught on Linux or Windows?

Most companies have installed thier Oracle Databases on Linux systems, so we naturally teach our students how to administer Oracle databases on Linux/Unix, and Microsoft Windows systems. This way, they are better prepared for whichever Operating System platform they are faced with on the job.




 03  What is a Real Life Work Environment?

This is an environment that has been set up exactly like what you'll find in the corporate database administration world. Such an environment includes application servers, database servers, ticketing systems, shared point servers,  applications and so on. Here at Stack Training, we have set up a Real Life Work Environment so our students can learn on the real deal, and not on Virtual Machines or directly on laptop computers. This way, they are better able to fit directly into the IT workforce.




 04  How do I start?

Please fill up our application form, and send to our contact email on our contact page, and we'll get in touch with you with start dates and times.




 05  Can I Pay My Tuition In Installments?

Yes you can! Please contact us for details about exactly how this works.